Saturday, January 14, 2012

A Nice Little Thought

Isn't it the truth, this little saying? You really can only take some things so far. And then, you just have to let it go. Not to say you shouldn't try hard to achieve things, but spinning aimlessly on a thought, a task, a request, or some other "thing" that continuously falls out of reach, or is simply blocked from you, is a thing to be released. Bye bye fleeting things; weigh me down no longer.

Of course, on the topic of trying, these words by Ira Glass are so true. For me, it's about painting and writing creatively. I've painted a little, and written creatively a little, but I have this feeling I'll be good at both once I really get going. Ira captures this sentiment in this little talk, encouraging creative types to keep going.

Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend. I am so happy that we have Monday off! Heaven. Somehow now that I'm in the full-time world, I appreciate these days off so much. Before, although my agenda was my own, I lost site of the preciousness of time.

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