Thursday, February 16, 2012

Chattery Brain

Over the course of a month or several weeks, so many thoughts run through my head of what I want to do, it's almost funny. There's certainly no lack of ideas! This quote totally jumped out at me for this very reason. Sometimes I think spending my days writing about technology requires such focus (except of course when my ADD kicks in) that I feel a little bit trapped inside a topic-specific box. Once the clock strikes 5:30, it's like letting a caged bird out to fly! 

What is my mind saying these days? Come on, Robin, let's paint, travel, design, draw, sew, blog, Etsy, exercise, yoga, meditate, cook, garden, entertain more, crochet, embroider, connect more with family and friends, write more letters, organize, throw away, rearrange, decorate, sell the house, renovate the house, buy a house, be a minimalist, gather more, volunteer, read, join a club, get a 3rd kitty cat, ride my bike, eat what's in the pantry, go totally vegan, refinish furniture, make furniture...and the list goes on.

But, then I see this quote below and it reminds me that mental blathering can lead nowhere. We really have to pick a few things, or even one important thing at a time, and set our minds to that. It's easy to while away the day dreaming about what if, and maybe if I do this, or gee, it would be so lovely to... But then the time ticks on and that thing, that thought, that inspiration gathers dust or is forgotten or misplaced, and it may be too hard to retrieve.

Oh, it's one of those days where I'm heavy with the weight of my dreams, but inspired that I am free and able to have them and capable of going after them. So many are not so fortunate. (My cue to stop whining.)

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