Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Dining Out @ The Lion’s Share

imageWe ventured out on Saturday to a new restaurant with some friends from North County. They made the trek down; why does it seem so far away? This place is super cute, and has some of the best french fries you will ever eat. Wait? Did I say french fries? What about the new eating plan? C’mon silly, we can’t be good every day, can we? Eating regimens that are too stringent are bound to trip you up. So, we cheat occasionally.

One of the highlights at TLS is their craft cocktails. The world has gotten so crafty, hasn’t it? Just check out these drinks! And of course you’ll need one after you notice the price! I had the Leninade and it was divine. The weird thing about craft cocktails, to me, is their incredibly unique taste. They take you to another land and another time. There’s something about the unique mixture of tastes; it gives them a vintage flair. Pardon the blurry list, I tried to crisp it up to no avail.


All of the artwork is people with animal heads, very deer- and owl -ish, and even elephant-y, but with a carnivorous slant for sure. Not a haven for vegetarians, but the menu has plenty of non-meaty options. San Diego is really adding some great, fun places to eat. Also by these same folks is another place called Underbelly. It’s a Momofuku-inspired establishment (made famous  most recently by David Chang), and just awesome.


Happy Wednesday, everyone…

Red heart, Robin


  1. How interesting!
    Some of those cocktails look yummy:)

  2. Oh ya....I am SO going to check this place out.

    The drinks sounds amazing...while I drink,
    husband can eat the french fries!!
    Thanks for posting this - I would never have found this place otherwise.

    Love the pictures!!


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