Coffee, oh so good

Above is a drawing from the Blue Bottle Coffee website; it's of the Ferry Building in San Fran. One of my favorite places. Even though BB Coffee is there, I didn’t go. Not sure why. It almost scares me, how good it might be. What a wussy thing to say, I know. I’ll get there eventually. The main point here is that my love affair with coffee has been reignited. I actually brewed up my second cup of Starbucks Christmas Blend, just now. Yum. It do make for some liquid inspiration. And when you are editing a document about an eDiscovery appliance (a piece of hardware that a company can get up and running very quickly to start performing eDiscovery, should a litigation be pending), that inspiration can not come too soon. *Yawn*

Next on the coffee menu sometime soon, I want to get some of the new Blonde Roast. I’ve been trying cups when I go in, and really like it. This post sounds like an ad for coffee today. Oh well.

Sending happy vibes to my peeps near and far.
Red heart, Robin


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