Monday, January 14, 2013

Homeless with dog

Ugh. This time of year yanks my heart out. It’s getting colder at night and there are people sleeping on the freezing concrete sidewalks. Some of them have dogs. There’s this one overpass near our house, and most nights you see these two mounds of clothes, blankets, etc., and you know that under all that is a human being. It makes me slightly crazy. I also know that some of these folks won’t come in and stay in because they have mental issues, or whatever it is that keeps them on the streets. Tonight, coming out of Target, I saw this guy outside the store sitting with his dog on his lap. I walked in, then walked back out and said, “Do you need anything?” “Socks,” he replied. I asked if he needed dog food, and he said no, that he just filled up today. I went in and got him socks, a thermal shirt, granola bars, water, and dog treats, and delivered the bag. As we walked away, I remembered talking to him one day over a year ago in another part of town. Same situation, same dog, same homelessness.
I don’t know what the answer is, but I know that it’s hard to see your fellow man sleeping on the ground outside and go home to your cushy bed.
Sending out prayers to the universe to cradle them all as carefully and with as much love as possible. Looking forward to milder weather soon.
Red heart


  1. I keep a "hobo bag" in my car, filled with items such as you listed. That way if I see someone in need, I can share. It starts with us, you know?

    I hope the two of them are blessed enough to meet another person like you today.

  2. i know what you mean! i agree with JuJu... it starts with us. thank you for being so gracious! and sometimes, we just go on giving, because we CAN. George Eliot: "What are we here for if not to make life less difficult for each other?" blessings...

  3. You have such a kind heart, Missy. I have to say I that I feel EXTRA bad when there is a dog involved...


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