Monday, September 15, 2014

Swoosh no more: house front face-lift

We are making strides on the front of the house again. The stained glass swoosh, which I have been calling the Taliban logo, is now out. It did not go willingly, and took much sawzalling (sp?). While this wall is also in the "needs to go" category, I'm not sure we will ever go that far. Perhaps the next owners! Today we are also replacing all the wood around the garage and stuccoing the areas that look funky. That strange square of stucco at the right of the planting bed is also gone. Oh happy day. That bugged me to no end. 

In the last pic, James' van shows through. Gee, maybe he's parked across the street because Sherri is in his spot. Ha!! Not's just to give the workers more room.

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