Tuesday, March 03, 2015


Today was a random day. Weather-wise it could not decide what to do. Rain, shine sun on us, or blow wind. I actually took a sick day...a rare act. I'm almost never sick, and if I am I get it out of the way on weekends. But today was just a sick day kind of day. Absolutely no reason to be working when I felt so yucky.
And here, to complete the theme, are a random set of pics. 
A strange pic of my eye with a split pupil? Huh? How did that happen?
A post-haircut pic (my, I'm looking horsey); my last visit with Oscar...dear Oscar who we lost a couple of weeks ago in a random car crash.
Gwyneth's darling paws.
And a cupcake shop we ducked into on our one trip to Portland a few years ago. James in the background, plotting his sugar intake choice. It was raining; but that isn't necessary to add: it was Portland.

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