Wednesday, March 23, 2016

What remains

As the purge marches on, it makes way for the things I value to shine through. These things are harder to see when they are jammed amid a jumble of items. This pen was my father's; he owned it for most of his life, and then gave it to me one day when I admired it. He was great about that. He didn't hold on to "things" very tightly. It's a really nice little pen, made by Cartier, and quite beautiful. I'll always treasure it. This will never make it's way to the outgoing pile, at least for now. 

With that said, when it comes to sentimental items, there are other things that belonged to family members who have passed away. And while looking at my step-mother's little address book of folks I might remember/might not, I am going to let it go. My plan for these things is to do a blog post, or take a good hard look, as a way of giving it the final celebration it merits, and then say goodbye.

One thing at a time...


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