Monday, January 30, 2017

The Oristand will have me standing

[UPDATE] Regretfully, the Oristand did not get me standing. The part for the keyboard is too shallow and not wide enough to allow enough mouse movement, even though I have a tiny Dell, Mac-like keyboard. And the top step has the monitor positioned too close. Sadly, also, there is no return policy. I kind of understand that; but kind of a bummer nonetheless. Perhaps it will sell at my upcoming garage sale.
As ailments crop up from time to time, I have to admit it is from lack of regular exercise. Walking the dog and some stretching ain't enough. After a visit to the doctor for a weird buzzing feeling in the front of one of my calves, I decided this could at least help get things circulating better -- along with more exercise. And less salt?

Just ordered this

Check out their video on the home page -- it's pretty cool and the desk looks sturdy. And it's way cheaper at $39 versus Varidesk which has models starting at around $200. Of course, this is made of sturdy cardboard versus Varidesk's metal construction; though that makes it less portable.

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