Monday, July 17, 2017

A swell summer

Since my last post in January, my world has changed quite a bit. I've left the corporate world, I rescued a little puppy from a sketchy dude at the mall, and found him a great home; I went back to Florida to see my niece who is battling a mystery illness, and I mended ties with my brother, which is probably the best item on this list.

What else?

  • I'm getting back into contract work, working with some of the best folks I've met in tech.
  • I'm continuing my love of podcasts; favorites include The Minimalists and The Rich Roll podcast.
  • I watched this awesome documentary called Given
  • I've eaten vegan for the past 7 days - feeling great.
  • Have been doing more yoga - and as soon as puppy duty is over I'll be able to go much more. Puppy keeps me a bit home bound.
  • Going to Cabo again soon - an opportunity arose to go and we're taking it! This time to a private villa on the beach right down from the One&Only. This, in addition to a potential trip on October. Really losing my travel hesitation, which is awesome. 
  • Trying to live more and be less hesitant. Saying yes, when I might have said no.
What does your Summer hold? Leave me a message!


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