A buddha bowl

Family and relationships have been my greatest teachers. Of course, a hermit’s life would likely bestow some deep education, too, but most of us aren’t hermits. Boundary-setting helps me define what’s important and what I truly need. This education continues daily and I’m a constant editor.

Studying minimalism, first with these guys, and subsequently with many others, has helped me whittle away the b.s. and rein in how much I care. You can spend life in a spiral of caring, but as my friend Lori’s Dad says, “you can’t suckle the whole world.” Isn’t it funny how some things you hear (she probably told me that about 25 years ago) just stick with you forever? That man was my first guru, apparently!

But on to the buddha bowl. I made an amazing "bowl of food," as we say in the Hardy family, last night for dinner. I was inspired by a great video by Elly Pear, and of course, the wonderful Heidi Swanson is always inspiring me with her beautiful creations. I made my own version; here’s my recipe:

Weeknight Buddha Bowl
For each bowl

Start with a portion-sized handful of arugula on the bottom of the bowl. Then arrange each item in sections on top of the greens, so you can see the rainbow of colors:
*      Couple heaping tablespoons canned Italian white beans (rinsed)
*      About 6 strips cut red bell pepper
*      Palm-sized amount of cut up Trader Joe’s siracha tofu
*      Roasted purple and yellow carrots (olive oil, cumin, turmeric)
*      Roasted cauliflower (olive oil, pink salt, pepper)
*      Chopped up about 4 Bubbie’s bread and butter pickles
*      Dressing: Bragg’s Healthy Vinaigrette

Enjoy and if you make one, let me know how you liked it. It's one of those meals that you later think, wow, I'm full and at just the right amount.