Friday, March 29, 2019

Meditation, zero waste living, smoothies, and tinnitus

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A few fun things of late, and one not so fun one:

Still loving Tara Brach's podcast on mindfulness meditation. Her talks are insightful and she tells funny jokes, which add needed levity on stressful days.

The Live Planted podcast. All about zero waste, vegan living. I'm nowhere near being zero waste, far from it, but the episodes vary. I like the most recent one about all these popular YouTuber vegans who are abandoning veganism. Fair weather folks who are giving kind of goofy reasons for going back to meat. Alyssa breaks it down in a very interesting way. 

Daily Harvest smoothies and soups. I just got my second box and I'm loving these smoothies. I have made smoothies in the past, but they never taste FANTASTIC. Daily Harvest checks all the boxes - taste, texture, ingredients, value. One frozen cup is $8 and it makes two smoothies. All organic ingredients. Yum.

And a question for anyone reading - have you had tinnitus? If so, what did you do to get rid of it? Any supplements? I had it 9 years ago and it did go away. I'm going to see an ENT next week, to do some testing - and they have a tinnitus retraining program that I'll probably do. Also looking into craniosacral therapy, which is heavenly for any reason. Ok, I'm all ears. Bad pun. Comments welcome!

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