Saturday, December 08, 2007

Coming Home Soon

At last, I make time for a post. It's been so long and by george I couldn't wait any longer. I'm in Fort Myers, land of my brother and family, helping my stepmother get situated into an assisted living facility. It's true what they say about the 36-hour day of the caregiver. Yikes! I arrived 11/19 and have literally worked every day since stepping onto Ft. Myers soil. This girl is tiiiiiiiired. I am flying back on the 12th - and that lovely Wednesday can't come too soon.
But with every experience comes a lesson. This one? The cautionary tale of Use it or Lose it. When my dad passed away 3+ years ago, my stepmother got in bed and stayed there. Not a good plan. James and I are taking a harder look at that YMCA membership. I've toured so many nursing homes in these past weeks. It's enough to scare you running for the next Pilates class. Of course, Florida is one fried food restaurant after another. The closest I can get to anything healthy here is a chain restaurant called First Watch and the ONE health food store, Ada's -- my resource for Aloe Life papaya orange aloe juice! We joke that the Cracker Barrel serves orange made with real butter! But, my family is here, and that makes it special.
There will be updates and pictures when I return! I've captured some of the Florida sites that you only see on My Name is Earl! Bye for now!