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Day interrupted: Dies intermissus

How many times a day are you notified and alerted? Phone banners, texts, incoming emails, news feeds. So much click bait vying for our attention, plus so many tragic headlines. The latest political freak out. Do we drop it all and swim into that chaotic flow? Or choose nature, or something less digital. Supposedly just breathing in a forest that has fern growing strengths your microbial makeup, because ferns are some of the most prehistoric plants out there and they offer healthy soil microbes that we need. So go snort some fern air, and do it today.
But back to un-digitizing, I went into Settings, then Notifications (on my iPhone) and turned off notifications for Instagram, work and personal email, News, Weather, Calendar, Stocks. Be silent you demons of solace.

That wooshing sound is my sigh of relief. 

Photos of late coming from Unsplash

I hope everyone is enjoying a calm, uninterrupted day.


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