Monday, February 20, 2012

Whole Living Goodness

In January, like a lot of folks, I looked around for a little kick-start eating plan. James joined me, thankfully. Nothing like sitting down to a meal of salad while your other half chows down on heavier fare. I wanted something not too restrictive that could actually transition to a regular way to eat. One time we did the Master Cleanse – OMG – I ended up crawling to the kitchen at 4 a.m., near death, eating crackers and drinking orange juice until the life ebbed back into me after 6 days of the “cleanse.” So, I found this in Whole Living magazine. Unlike some mono-food plans like the Soup Diet, or that god-awful Master Cleanse, this has the variety needed to go the distance, so you don’t finish three weeks of it and grab a vat of fettuccine alfredo and a loaf of Italian bread and fall over a cliff in a carb coma.
In addition to the above roasted veggies, here are a few of the goodies we’ve been enjoying…
The Acai Bowl at Lotus Café (the one made with soy milk) is super yummy, too, and has replaced the fried egg and toast breakfast we were eating.
Asparagus sautéed with shitake mushrooms. So good, and the mushrooms give the best savory taste.
An arugula salad, topped with roasted veggies. Dinner! The orange is roasted sweet potatoes.
Arugula with roasted veggies
IMG_0505Smoothies with fresh fruit, almond milk, and soaked cashews make a nice pick me up during that 3:00 energy plunge.