Wednesday, March 28, 2012


A wonderful poem I ran across today...

Extinction of Silence

By A.E. Stallings
That it was shy when alive goes without saying.
We know it vanished at the sound of voices

Or footsteps. It took wing at the slightest noises,
Though it could be approached by someone praying.

We have no recordings of it, though of course
In the basement of the Museum, we have some stuffed

Moth-eaten specimens—the Lesser Ruffed
And Yellow Spotted—filed in narrow drawers.

But its song is lost. If it was related to
A species of Quiet, or of another feather,

No researcher can know. Not even whether
A breeding pair still nests deep in the bayou,

Where legend has it some once common bird
Decades ago was first not seen, not heard.

Sewing Summit

Remember that rainy Sunday a couple weeks ago, San Diego peeps? I spent it sewing with a friend. Music playing, tea being poured, the rain outside, and the stitch-stitch-stitch of two sewing machines.
I made a pillow with fabric I bought at an antique store in 2008. It's the little black and white one in front. Megan made covers for a couple of ottomans with some really cool linen and green fabric.
And then, I sewed up this vintage Lizzie doll that I had been holding onto for who knows how long. She looks a little wiggly here. I have since straightened out the stuffing! She sits on the hearth by the fireplace now, to stay warm.
And then I got crazy, and made a little tote. It’s an exercise in gingham, plaid, and ticking – three of my favorite fabrics in the world. Not so gorgeous, but useful, and the strap is the perfect length. Oh, and that pleat is intentional, lest anyone thinks my machine went haywire (or I did!?).
A totally fun, relaxing raining day. More sewing sessions are planned with and extended guest list. Can’t wait!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Bees, Honey, Bread

For the loveliest bee story ever, click here.