Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Chip In, No?

So, apparently back in the old days, when the Italian fishermen would come in from their day of work on the water, they'd all sit around by the docks, hungry, and decide to put together a little of this and a little of that from their nets to make a big pot of Cioppino! Only my belle mere would know this story, and she told us a few weeks ago when we made this very dish in honor of her birthday. I had 11 around the long table - no easy task in our small dining room. We were stretched almost to the kitchen!

And even Wikipedia corroborates the story: the name derived from the heavily Italian-accented cry of the wharf cooks for the fishermen to "chip in" some of their catch to the collective soup pot.

Below, our nephew Casey, stirs our day's catch. The green sprig in the background is from fennel bulbs which were diced and sauteed with shallots and onions to make the base. It turned out great...recipe here.

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

It's A Parade, and It's For Sherri's Birthday!!!

Is that special day here? Why, yes, I think it is! That is, if you're reading this on March 4th! It's Sherri's birthday!!

Who's that I see coming down the lane? Who could it be? Mrs. Felinski? Is that you? Well, yes, it is, and you have the whole fam damily with you today, don't you?! You must be headed over to Sherri's to say Happy Birthday!

Mrs. Felinski meowed, "Why, yes I am! I'm headed there now! And I hope she has some milk for these hungry kitties!"

Oh, and good morning to you, Mr. Pondswim! Nice tune you're playing there on your banjo. It's just the day to play Happy Birthday, because it's Sherri's birthday, donchya'know! Oh, but you knew, didn't you! I wonder what she's doing today? Seems there's quite a commotion building in honor of her day.

Answering slipperingly, he chortled, "Headed there now! Hope she has a spare fly for me to chomp!"

This is so great! All of these folks have lined up to wish Sherri a happy birthday! Even Mrs. Barksdale! My, that's some bonnet you're wearing there, Mrs. B. You're obviously in full birthday regalia!

Barking back with a snort and a growl, Mrs. Barksdale said, "Oh, I wouldn't miss Sherri's birthday for anything! I think she's the greatest!"

And, Bunny Figurine, you're here, too!?? Did you just run away from some estate sale table just to wish Sherri a Happy Birthday? Gee, your skin is radiant today, in celebration of Sherri's birthday. It's positively glass-like! Better watch out, or Sherri'll have you on her Etsy shoppe, sold, and boxed up before you can say Jack Robinson! Hee hee!

Miss Figurine glowed back, "Why thank you for that compliment on my glowing skin! I've been using that Prosacea that you lent me, and it's got my skin all squared away! Thanks for noticing! Have to hop now...headed to Sherri's so she can put me in a box and ship me off!!! I'm going to Paris!"

But, wait! Who is that coming in last! Marilyn!?? Too much! Get in here girl! Let's go get Sherri and have lunch! To be a later date!

Oh, to Nap Here

I am always attracted to pictures of beds with pretty linens. Not unusual, I know. I think it's because, lately, my napping habit has been cut to a bare minimum. I've had lots of work; good problem, I know. Still, I'm trying to get in more blog posts.

This pic really appeals because it contains one of my most favorite pattens: gingham! There's something so fresh about it. More images like this one can be found in the Toast catalog. They have such great photography.

Next goal: get out and comment at all the great blogs I have listed on my blog list! I do stop by, but sometimes I'm just too rushed to comment. Sending out warm wishes to everyone on this crisp March day.