Sunday, April 18, 2010

Pt. Reyes Memories & Relaxing, At Last

One of the absolute most wonderful trips of my life did not involve traveling many miles at all. Just a quick flight to San Francisco, and then a rental car's drive to Pt. Reyes and Manka's. Manka's is pure heaven, as I have said so many times you must be saying, she's NOT talking about that place again!?

Tonight James brought home some Pt. Reyes blue cheese. And after the week and weekend I've had of pretty much non-stop work, what a wonderful break this delectable cheese provides. Granted, it must be 400 calories a bite, but I'm not thinking about that tonight. I'm just being happy that work is at bay for a bit, and I'm chillin' with some tasty treats and a room temperature glass of Francis Coppola Diamond Malbec. Big, relaxed sigh. And, yum.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Duffy Rocks

Pardon the intro commercial if it pops up!

Red and Yellow

I love red and yellow together - they are such a cheery pair of hues. The yellow chicken planter was procured from a fun estate sale in La Jolla one day - a big, sprawling house with an amazing view. There's a red, large chicken counterpart that goes with it roosting in my backyard. The red, chipped iron basin came from a woman's estate sale who was offloading her antique shop wares. I paid $5 for it! Gotta love that. Have a beautiful Saturday, everyone.

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Easter Greeting to All!

From our hutch to yours, hope everyone had the happiest bunny day!

I'll have Easter-recap pics from the day at my belle mere's. It was such fun, as always.


p.s. I had set this to post at 6 a.m. Sunday morning, but alas it did not happen. Better late than never! The thought was there! :o)

Friday, April 02, 2010

Katie Kat Ventures Out

Alert: Cat on a harness!

So, we have/had this dilemma: Miss Kate longs to go outside. When we go out on the back deck with Saylor, she meows mournfully through the screen at us. So we started carrying her outside to sit on our laps. Then, we started walking around the yard with her in our arms. Now, this: the red rhinestone harness from IKEA! She loves it! But it's not so fun for us because she just honkers down and sniffs the dirt and just soaks in the outdoors in a very small area. She's taking it all in! It's so cute, but there's a backlash. Once we get back inside, she meows at the door for about an hour wanting to go right back out! Fortunately she only has 8 lbs. worth of kitty frame to make noise with, so it's not so overwhelming. But, we've created a little leashed monster! James is so protective of her. He says, "Maybe when she's like 6 or 8 we could try to let her off the leash." I'm not so sure I can wait that long, and though I would never leave her unattended outside ever, I'm dying to give her a little freedom. Thing is, her little feral beginnings make her a little on the flighty side. She's no calm pound kitty or specialty breed, just a little rescue from a storm drain. You can see her humble beginnings here.