Saturday, October 12, 2019

Favorites List - October

Favorites List (09.08.18)
(c) Heidi Swanson

One of my favorite 'Favorites Lists' is published by Heidi Swanson, an LA-based cookbook author, occasional designer, shop owner and creator of 101 Cookbooks. Here are all her favorites lists; literally months worth of exploring. Years?
Lately I've enjoyed:

Alison Roman's chickpea stew - So, I made it the other night and it is delicious. I did not add the greens, but I covered it with avocado and tons of cilantro. It was even better the next day. One tip: when she says salt and pepper it three times, I forget the stages, do that.  

The Slow Home podcast - This couple has great guests and I love the cadence of their talks. Brooke McAlary and her husband Ben have a really sweet, nurturing and non-interrupting communication style. Just listened to the interview with Joshua Becker, one of the first minimalists I learned about. It was Episode 7; I have started at the beginning of their 3 seasons of podcasts, so working my way through.

This makeup tutorial by Liv Tyler - not only because her voice lulls me to sleep, but because she goes through such an interesting array of serums and potions; French, Korean, clean beauty and otherwise. She clearly has, or makes, the luxury of time. Funnily, she gets her beauty tips from her Dad

End of day de-cluttering. A favorite activity lately: I've been ending the workday with a bag-fill of items for donation or throwing out. It could be just 5 small items, but I always find something. I'm going through files and purging paper, collecting things that I know certain people would like, etc. With the end of the remodel in sight, I'm looking forward to doing this even more intentionally. The Courtney Carver workshop is a great motivator. 

And with that, happy weekend all.

Wednesday, October 09, 2019

Where did my interest in Minimalism begin?

Image result for helen and scott nearing
Helen and Scott Nearing

I’m always learning as much as I can about simple living. It appeals in so many ways. I’m even taking a course right now called Soulful Simplicity. Here’s a link to the course, which is closed now but reopens in 2020.  It was created by Courtney Carver, the inventor of Project 333; also worth a Google.

But today I was wondering where this fascination began. Sure, I got on board with TheMinimalists guys early on and probably listened to 100 or so of their podcasts. I still dip in occasionally for a listen. But it really started with Scott and Helen Nearing, in my mind, the OGs of simple living. Their foundation website is here.  Scott and Helen were homesteaders, and I mean hardcore: root cellars, canning, popcorn for dinner, cold winters, simple Thoreau-style living quarters. Serious about it. And now as I look back, this is where the early concepts of minimalism entered my mind. I was younger when I read their books, and it appealed to me because I had the strength to have maybe pulled it off. Finding a willing partner, now that’s another story. But at my age now it sounds like a cold winter I’d never make it out alive from. Heavens to Betsy, turn on that heater!

I don’t know where this path leads, but it resonates so deeply with me. And with that, good night and sweet dreams to all.

Tuesday, October 08, 2019

Build in buffers

two red cushions near body of water
Last week, I went to lunch at a favorite spot, got a veggie sandwich on olive oil bread and sat in my car parked in the shade in front of a large green plot of grass. Trees swaying, cool breeze and the dulcet tones of one of my fave podcasts: The Slow Home Podcast
It's run by a couple who shares interesting updates and advice on living slower in a fast paced world; they also host guests. I loved a concept they shared about building buffers into your days. Little breaks from the busy life agenda - always a good thing.
In other news, we recently saw Downton Abbey and Ad Astra. Both great.
Better still, I'm enrolled in Courney Carver's Soulful Simplicity course based on her book and it's very helpful. If you have any desire to simplify your life, check her out.