Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Saturday at Matilda’s

This weekend, my sweetie suggested we venture out to Matilda’s in Valley Center. The weather was perfect. Not hot, not cold, just right. They were having their Mother’s Day (a bit early) festivities, and the place was decked out for the occasion. Matilda (the elderly terrier) was in full regalia on the front counter. We even saw her being carried out for a bathroom break, which was pretty cute considering she wears pearls and a gingham skirt complete with black crinoline.
I love this place, but how can you not love a huge barn full of antiques and vintage goodies? And of course, it is Gwyneth’s ancestral home. This is where we found her, hanging in the gold birdcage out front, up for adoption, last kitty to go. Gwynnie is the kitty in the back.)
Here’s Miss Matilda, below, having a slurp of water…just up from her post-breakfast nap. Pampered? Well, I think so! The place is named after her!
Well, hello there!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Too Glamorous for Words

We have this little dance. Each day I sit at my desk, working, and Gwyneth is snuggled on a blanket, also on my desk. If I get up, though, she immediately jumps to the chair. I guess it's warm since I was sitting there. She does this in the living room if James gets up from the couch. She's right there, curling up wherever he was sitting. Here we have the moment captured. Of course I had to haul her back to her also very comfortable spot on the desk. Oh, the things we do for our fur children.

Happy Monday everyone. I hope your week goes well and you find time to slow down and just enjoy the day.