Thursday, November 14, 2013

Random Thursday


Kate and Gwynneth: laying on the couch outside. It was a pretty day today, and a productive workday. Gwynnie always digs herself under whatever she can, fashioning herself a little sun shade. I think her Mom must have told her to limit her exposure to the elements (her barn Mommy, as I’m her current Mom). I think in this case she’s also trying to not freak Kate out by being so close to her. They love each other—to a point.

Later, inside, next to my desk , I see this. Tongue sticking out while sleeping. So cute! And it looks like she has more than four legs, doesn’t it?


So, I know I’ve waxed on about BBC television--I’m obsessed with it. From Downton Abbey, to Mr. Selfridge, to The Bletchley Circle, and now THE PARADISE! It’s so ridiculously charming. I sometimes have to watch it again on Monday night so I can crawl into the era, the clothes, the language, the customs, the interiors—for one more night. I love all of it… Here’s a little video about The Paradise.

And, most importantly: TOMORROW IS FRIDAY! Have a great weekend, blog peeps!

Friday, November 01, 2013

One day at a time

Selling a house and buying another is a journey. My orderly, tidy, aromatherapy-scented life on Eagle Street seems like it was ages ago. While I know it will all be great eventually, we have a long, dusty road ahead to get there. So instead, let’s feast our eyes on the colors in Gail’s gorgeous rug. 

In this latest issue of goop, it almost identically lay out my 50th birthday trip. We went to Stellina and stayed at Manka’s. One of the most memorable trips of my life.