Thursday, November 14, 2013

Random Thursday


Kate and Gwynneth: laying on the couch outside. It was a pretty day today, and a productive workday. Gwynnie always digs herself under whatever she can, fashioning herself a little sun shade. I think her Mom must have told her to limit her exposure to the elements (her barn Mommy, as I’m her current Mom). I think in this case she’s also trying to not freak Kate out by being so close to her. They love each other—to a point.

Later, inside, next to my desk , I see this. Tongue sticking out while sleeping. So cute! And it looks like she has more than four legs, doesn’t it?


So, I know I’ve waxed on about BBC television--I’m obsessed with it. From Downton Abbey, to Mr. Selfridge, to The Bletchley Circle, and now THE PARADISE! It’s so ridiculously charming. I sometimes have to watch it again on Monday night so I can crawl into the era, the clothes, the language, the customs, the interiors—for one more night. I love all of it… Here’s a little video about The Paradise.

And, most importantly: TOMORROW IS FRIDAY! Have a great weekend, blog peeps!

Friday, November 01, 2013

One day at a time

I remember my Mom quoting Ann Romano. We watched that show and laughed and laughed. Boy, is that my motto these days. My orderly, tidy, aromatherapy-scented life on Eagle Street seems like it was ages ago. While I know it will all be great eventually, we have a long, dusty road ahead to get there. So instead, let’s feast our eyes on my dear friend Gail’s gorgeous rug. Don’t you love the colors? I sure do.
I actually ordered a rug recently from Pottery Barn for the bedroom. This one. I’m not exactly sure where it is in the whole “getting here” process. There’s always so much to do and follow up on, and go get, etc. that I haven’t checked. I guess they’ll call me, right?
Misa Persian-Style Rug
Also got these curtain rods for the dining room and doors on either side of the fireplace. Hopefully heavy curtains will help stave off the cold.
PB Essential Drape Rod - Cast Iron
Brrrrrrr. The temperatures are dipping, and we have no heat, except for our little space heaters. No one to blame but me. I told hubby, “I want to go a full four seasons before we install heat and air (I’m that cheap).” I feel like I’ve blogged about this before; it’s possible because dust and chaos has rotted my brain. The sentence echoes in my mind: a fuuuuull fourrrrr seeeeeeeeeeasons. I went to Target today and bought warm things: thermal long sleeve shirt, cable knit leggings, sweat pants. Must. stay. warm. I haven’t slept in long PJs in a long time. Oh, that’s right, we had heat on Eagle Street! The other day, jokingly, I whined, “I wanna go home…” But, alas, there is no going home this time!
And just in case you haven’t laughed yet at my miserable story, feast your eyes on my get-up last night for Halloween. There is an art to doing clown makeup. I get that now. I thought, wielding the lipstick, okay now I’ll draw on a mouth. Hm? Why does it look so strange? The pink nose just made me look a wee bit tipsy, so said my sister in law. And is this how they do their eyes? I guess I could have Googled it. Oh well. The full outfit included navy polka dotted pants, an orange belt, and green shoes. But what’s really funny is only one kid commented on my outfit. Perhaps they just thought I always dress like this? But what a fun night. There were literally hundreds of kids going door to door. I’ve never seen a bigger turnout!
A real clown, for reference:

On another note, this latest issue of goop almost identically lays out my 50th birthday trip. We went to almost every one of those places, even the restaurant, Stellina, and we stayed at Manka’s. One of the most memorable trips of my life.