Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Little Castle Gets a Mural

Last week, James and I went over to Mom and Dad's to herald the installation of a new mural! They sometimes call their home the Little Castle (I love this name), and so here we have pictures of the latest addition on the landing of the Castle's stairway to the second floor. The mural was painted on canvas by Chelsea McGraw, then affixed to the wall - you can see more of her work here.

Here's Chelsea, the artist, overseeing the installation:

Here's a close-up of the adorable bun-buns on the stairs.

And, of course Mary served up something delectable - a wonderful lunch of homemade split pea soup for hungry onlookers and workers alike!

Monday, February 25, 2008

Ahh, Emily

"Hope is the thing with feathers -- that perches in the soul -- and sings the tune without the words -- and never stops -- at all --" (Emily Dickinson)

Dearest Boy O' Mine

Just thinking of my boy, Oreo, today. What a handsome boy he was. So regal. What was he thinking? Maybe, "Mom, you're always staring at me ... but then I'm always staring at you." It was definitely a Mutual Admiration Society. :-)

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Mid-Century Makeover

Had a fun night at the Pearl Hotel in Point Loma on Saturday. It used to be the Sportsman's Lodge and from what we hear it was more of an "hourly" hotel, complete with visits from the cops. Now, it's all cleaned up to show off the great mid-century design, complete with a pool with big beach balls floating in it, and a movie screen outside - playing original episodes of Get Smart! Loved that show! Right now they're also showing movies every Weds. night! We're probably going to go see Dr. No in March. The wine list is extensive (had a delicious Argentinian Malbec) and the food was great. They even had an organic vegetable plate on the menu. Cool, huh? James and I are sure to go back hopefully with some friends in tow! And check out the cool, free link which is on their web site to Groove 24/7 which plays tunes like those played at the Pearl. Fun . . .

Friday, February 22, 2008

My Trusty Assistant

With Oreo off in spirit kitty land, Kate is watching his former post as office assistant. Actually, Oreo was the HR Director, so Kate will have to work her way up. Here she is guarding the laser printer, laying on her Carter's just one year flannel baby blankie. Oh my. Let's hope nothing needs printing any time soon. She said something about being out of toner, gotta order some from office supply, and zz-zzzzzz-zzzzzzzzzz, snore, zzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Kate Crunches Wheatgrass

Hm? What do we have here? Tabby cat Kate investigates the rose and wheat grass arrangement.

She goes in for the crunch. "I think I'll have a bite," she says, crunching, crunching, crunching with her back teeth.

Satisfied after her snack, she enjoys her view out the window.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Felines and Canines from F-L-A

Mr. Puff, who I guess is from Persia, had a new fancy designer haircut last time I was there. Check it out! He's telling us all about it in this picture. What a little lion!

And here's Bella, ready to get some face time with you. This dog likes to be close!

And I saved the biggest for last! Harley Man - really just called Man. Not even "the" Man, just Man, because that's who he is. Man is also epileptic. The day I left FL, Man pulled an all-day shimmy-shake with about 8 seizures. But he pulls through with the trusty assistance of his Dad who gives him all the right pills at the right intervals. Just look into his eyes - the dark, crazy pools of love.