Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Hodge Podge

Seen while driving on I-8.

Seen in Florida. What all must be on their country buffet?

And last but not least - got weapons?

Inside Looking Out

Miss Kate. Inside, at the window, just up from a nap and sleepy-faced -- and decidedly tired of all this house-bound stuff. I think the little feral one is saying, "I'm a cat, by george! I should be roaming the wilds! Let me the heck out!"

She also perches in the narrow space between the curtain panel on the bedroom door and the glass -- soaking up the heat.

The fence that James built. The man is darn handy, what can I say?

Darling Saylor rounding the corner:

And, the acacia in the front courtyard -- a few weeks ago when it was in bloom with blazing yellow. So pretty.

The Order of Things

They say we only hold seven things in the front of our brain. Not sure how true that is. So, how many blog posts do we hold? I'm jumping around, but here's some new news:

1) A hummingbird hatchling is swinging on a palm frond right this minute at Mom and Dad's house! Only a California hummer could do this, right? Momma and papa birds are sharing nest duty -- how hip of them! They're hangin' ten as the wind sways their home and their hatchling!

2) Mary and I made the trek to Summers Past Farms for the 3rd Annual Craft and Antique Fair. I love, love, love this event. I can barely sleep the night before. We lolly-gagged around for about two hours. This was the entrance to the sweet pea maze. This is one of those pictures you treasure because of the memory attached to it.

I love that I haven't missed the fair in three years. We both stocked up on their Herbes de Provence, and I picked up a funky orange and yellow Hawaiian house dress for $8. I also saw an oddity of nature -- a humming bird hawk-moth -- something I had never seen or heard of. Oh, I've lead a sheltered life. Here he is in all his mothy glory. And another of his moth-mates may be seen at Foziewisp in the Ramona post (I was there, too!).

And another pic of a playhouse on the grounds at Summers Past Farms. What a great place.

Is That You, Mr. Fuller?

Why, it is! Miss Sherri, of Foziewisp fame, gave me this adorable pink letter opener -- a find on one of her estate sale outings. A few posts ago, I show a pic of a Fuller Brush Co. "stall" I saw at the Flea Market in Florida. But until this pink fellow, I didn't have anything from Fuller, except memories. Yay! I think I could have starred in the movie! Me and Eddie Albert!

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

A Bunnyful Easter

Though I'm a few hops late in posting about it, Easter day was beautiful and family-filled. The weather was idyllic, crisp and cool but not cold. Mom and Dad were at it again, hosting a wonderful afternoon for all. Here's the Easter queen in the kitchen where all the goodies come from...followed by her wonderful collection of Limoges easter-inspired boxes.

...and let's not miss her amazing embroidered eggs. Could these be more gorgeous? Mom Mary is an unbelievable embroiderer. If you click on the picture, it opens into a large image so you can really see the detail of the stitching. Sooooo pretty.

Then, there's one of the happiest guys around -- Dad! Right here!

Last, but not least, our niece Sophia is hiding eggs for the egg hunt for the little ones.