Monday, January 17, 2011

In Honor of Courage

In honor of MLK day today, and all those who came before us with the courage and fortitude to dedicate their lives to lessening the suffering of others. And on a less grand scale to each of us who struggles with whatever ails us in this often difficult life. May a warm, soft glow of healing, comforting light wrap us each and every one in love and peace.

Red heart, Robin


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Little G. is Fine!

*Evening Update* Well, Dr. Candy (Lewis) gave a glowing report. All went well. And here we have the shaved belly update. She also has this little white spot in the center of her belly, which appears to indicate a belly button, but it is button-less. There’s another white spot, too. James is holding her for the photo, and she really couldn’t care less: good kitty drugs!

She’s already taken a good pull on her metal stitches (only 3!) but that didn’t last long and she doesn’t seem very interested in them. Yay!

There you have it: spayed kitty belly, up close and personal. And thanks for the sweet comments about our fur child. Oh, the lives of us folks without actual kids. Ha!

Posted earlier, pre-pictures: Just a quick update to say that our little Gwynnie is fine. She's out of surgery and recovering all snugged under her blankie at the doctor's office. Pictures will be posted later of the tiny, shaved belly. So sad! When James dropped her off this morning, the staff ooh'd and ahh'd and how beautiful she was. Such a pretty girlie! Okay, lest I should cause hurling with my Momma Cat talk, I'll stop now.

Monday, January 10, 2011

A Big Day for Gwyneth

Our little darling, Gwyneth, is going to Dr. Candy’s tomorrow for her spaying appointment. I’m sure she will be a.o.k., but we will have our positivity hats on nonetheless. We refer to it as, “she’s having her pockets picked.” Poor little thing! I am so weird about any of these things – vaccines included – they seem unnatural to my hippie-at-heart self. You could say I’m anti-synthetic. Of course, we went through a “heat” cycle with Kate! OMG! We about had to bar the windows. She turned into a flying squirrel and climbed the curtains. She also developed a serious and slightly creepy love for James, my human husband. Huh? Finally, that was over and she became Kate Spade. Winking smile  Wish us well, and I’ll have an update tomorrow.

Monday, January 03, 2011

An Evening with Andre Rieu

In early December, James’ Mom and Dad had tickets to see Andre Rieu that they couldn’t use. It was sort of last minute, but we rallied and went! It was a blast. Andre is quite the character, aside from being a wonderful violinist. His eyebrow is perpetually curved up in a semi-sarcastic arch. Actually, not really, but he is very funny on stage and cracks jokes that has everyone chuckling. The music takes you back to another era, if not directly to Austria. The only thing missing was the Von Trappe Family. Interestingly, they did a Michael Jackson retrospective, which I found slightly odd, but at that point we were not counting odd moments! It really is an experience, if you ever have the chance to go.
I wasn’t able to catch it in a picture, but there were two violinists (both women) directly behind Andre and they were clearly cracking each other up – making funny faces with eyes wide. At one point the one gal’s shoulders were just shaking with laughter while she tried to contain herself. I can only imagine sitting there next to a good friend playing violins and trying not to laugh while this Dutch dude cracks funny (?) jokes.
Apparently, the ENTIRE group tours around together. There have actually been a couple marriages out of the group over the years.
At the end, everyone comes out for a champagne toast and they drop balloons on the audience. People then get up, go to the front and cheer for encores! This guy has a following! I actually recorded a video of the last piece, which I’ll try to post a link for once I get it uploaded to YouTube. Cheers, everyone…