Thursday, October 30, 2008

Birthday Goodness

Hi everyone out in blog-land. I hope this post finds you delightfully well. I am great, and even recently celebrated a birthday - on Tuesday the 28th to be precise. I got a gaggle of cards which ALWAYS makes me smile. I love seeing the mailman arrive on the days before, and on my b-day, because I usually have a card or two each day and it's so fun to open them. Here's my haul:

OK, so this next bit falls into the 'funny or sad' category. So, during my birthday shopping trip, I was walking by Godiva chocolate and saw this chocolate cat in the window. It was really cute, and it looked just like Kate. So, in I go, and buy it. Well, I sat it by the window where I had all my cards standing and it somehow melted.

So . . . now it looks like this - kind of like it's turning it's head waaaaaaaay sideways. I cracked up when I discovered it. Because ya know? It's still tastes good. I just had a little nibble off it's melted paws. I couldn't resist posting the melty picture. It's pretty hilarious. Poor chocolate kitty!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

A Sunday Herbal

Today I spent the late afternoon planting herbs! It was very relaxing and grounding. No soil pun intended. There's marjoram, basil, mint, chives, parsley, oregano, rosemary, and dill. Except for the thyme, there's a Mammas and the Papas' song in there. Ha! They are now all nicely situated on a plant stand that was a gift from my friend and Foziewisp blogger, Ms. S. I adore the stand, and love the way the terracotta pots look on it. Fun! Some of the herbs seem kind of small in the pots, but fingers are crossed that they'll sprout up!

At another corner of the house, I planted some of the herbs in vintage California pottery pots I've picked up at estate sales. The yellow ones and the green one were each 50 cents. Gotta love that. I just realized the white iron tables are also from Miss Sherri - purchased at one of her yard sales! Stuff doesn't really ever go away, it just changes addresses!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

A Wonderful Wedding, Oh Happy Day

The happy event has taken place! (Just look at this lovely program and fan that was on each chair. The calligraphy is amazing.) On Saturday, Oct. 18th, Erin and Colin tied the knot in the Bahamas at the Ocean Club. The garden there was just gorgeous, and the happy couple were beautiful and shining with love. Since the marriage had to comply with Bahamian laws, there was E.'s grandfather, Charles, who conducted most of the ceremony and then a Bahamian pastor who did another part. But, before they could pronounce them husband and wife, the bride and groom had to step behind the altar and sign their marriage license. It was all very Bahamian.

This is my brother Guy, Erin's Dad, standing at the altar with E., right before he stepped away (on his terms, of course) to "give her" to her husband-to-be, Colin.

Here they are listening to their vows. I'm so proud of my sweet niece. She said her vows with such strength. Of all of the ceremony, this part made me cry a bit.

This was the walkway next to the area where they were married. A couple other detail pics follow of the garden structure. It was so beautiful. I will get some history on this for another post.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Rio Celebrates 10 Years on Oct. 17th!

Is this not a face you can love? Is this not the handsomest boy at the doggy day care? Well, I think so. This is Rio, the darling Springer Spaniel and fur child of my dear friends Gail and Jay who live in Fort Myers.

This is Rio spending some quality time at K9's Come First with long-time girlfriend, Ambyer. Yes, with a 'y'. She's showing Rio some love with her little doxie licks on his cheek. How cute is that!? But, Mr. Ri-Ri is looking somewhat pained here, isn't he!? Oh these pups can't get enough of me...sigh. I just can't shake Ambyer. BUT, she's pretty and she is the principal's daughter so Gail and Jay tell Rio to get with the program!

Happy Birthday Rio! Have a great day on the 17th!

Driving Across Florida

While I was in Florida the last time, my brother and I drove to see my Uncle Ernie and Aunt Gloria. I had not seen them in many years, dare I say 15? 20? They live in Hobe Sound and it was about a 3-hour drive. The weather that day, like your typical Florida weather, brought some rain. I love driving through the state of Florida, if not just for the instant on/off rain amidst the sunshine, but for the beautiful scenery. It's such a pretty state. Beautiful skies and fields and trees. These were a few shots I took while we were driving, just out the car window.

This below, believe it or not, is a rest area. It was pristine, with gorgeous, tall palms.

The fields along the road here are sugar cane. There are miles and miles of them.

Grey storm clouds rolling in before the rain started.