Monday, April 23, 2012

Too Glamorous for Words

We have this little dance. Each day I sit at my desk, working, and Gwyneth snuggles on a blanket, also on my desk. If I get up, she immediately jumps to the chair. I guess it's warm since I was sitting there.

Happy Monday everyone. I hope your week goes well and you find time to slow down and just enjoy the day.


  1. What a glorious beast she is!
    Isnt just so funny the little quirks they all have?
    I have three cats and they all have their little personalities.
    They make life interesting and...better:)
    Have a great week, friend!

  2. She's such a pretty kitty..and smart!!
    Mine doubles as an alarm clock because heaven forbid she let me sleeps one minute past when SHE thinks her dish should have food in it.
    Enjoy your week..stay cool, stay dry, stay warm...and anything else the weatherman says we can expect.
    I found a new drink - Blackberry martini...
    crush fresh blackberries
    triple sec
    ice....shake,,,chilled glass...
    great movie - The Debt.
    Life if good:-)

  3. Oh, she's sooooo gorgeous! Lovely photo!


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