Random Thursday


Kate and Gwynneth: laying on the couch outside. It was a pretty day today, and a productive workday. Gwynnie always digs herself under whatever she can, fashioning herself a little sun shade. I think her Mom must have told her to limit her exposure to the elements (her barn Mommy, as I’m her current Mom). I think in this case she’s also trying to not freak Kate out by being so close to her. They love each other—to a point.

Later, inside, next to my desk , I see this. Tongue sticking out while sleeping. So cute! And it looks like she has more than four legs, doesn’t it?


So, I know I’ve waxed on about BBC television--I’m obsessed with it. From Downton Abbey, to Mr. Selfridge, to The Bletchley Circle, and now THE PARADISE! It’s so ridiculously charming. I sometimes have to watch it again on Monday night so I can crawl into the era, the clothes, the language, the customs, the interiors—for one more night. I love all of it… Here’s a little video about The Paradise.

And, most importantly: TOMORROW IS FRIDAY! Have a great weekend, blog peeps!


  1. No! Gwyneth and her little pink tongue and leg origami are TOO much!


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