Thursday, July 13, 2006

Candlelight is Better

The other day, for no reason, my friend Sheri gave me the neatest gift: a frosted "jigger" glass with gold writing on it. Being from Florida, it was super special because as you can see, it says "Florida" on the glass. On the side it has postcard-like pictures that say Hialeah (I was born in Hialeah hospital) and Orange Bowl, and 'Wish you were here.' She suggested I put a tea light in it, and so I tried it and it looks really pretty. The next picture was taken in the entry area of a restaurant in Phoenix called Lon's. Really beautiful spot for dinner. As you walk up you can smell wood and sage burning in the chimineas. And speaking of chimineas, I like the one called Garden. Kinda looks like a witch's hat.

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