San Francisco: Part Two

The first night in SF, we went to North Beach for Italian food and tried this restaurant - Rose Pistola - named after a woman who apparently ran a "colorful" bar/restaurant there many years ago. I would give it a "6" - fun atmosphere but the food was not so memorable.
A few pictures of the area follow: first one is of an Italian pottery store. I could have just bought the store. Second pic is a street scene, complete with pole in the center of the picture. Edgy, huh? Next we have Mona Lisa #3. I wonder where one and two are? And lastly, an important part of the night: dessert. We sat at an outdoor cafe and people-watched. J. had his customary cannoli, and I had an anisette cookie (they remind me of my Dad and I eating anisette biscotti by Stella D'ori for breakfast when I was knee-high to a grasshopper).


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