Clover and Saylor

Went to this local floral wholesale place today with my buddy/neighbor Steve - he lives two doors down. He was buying a carload (literally) of flowers for a decade party he is throwing with some friends. The party is for four people turning 40, 50, 60 and 80! We are invited and will be going tomorrow night. As we hunted for the roses and other flowers for the arrangements, I spotted a bunch of Clover and Steve added them in with his! How sweet was that?

The next picture is of Saylor girl lounging on the couch with her new Shabby Chic toy from Target. We're calling it "Dolly" and asking her things like: where's dolly? And, why are you biting on dolly? It's very cute, as you can see.


  1. ATTENTION: you are about to incur a fine for illegal cuteness on the Interwebs . . . that picture of Saylor and her toy break the bounds of cuteness--people's heads are exploding.

    --The Cuteness Police


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