Mid-Century Makeover

Had a fun night at the Pearl Hotel in Point Loma on Saturday. It used to be the Sportsman's Lodge and from what we hear it was more of an "hourly" hotel, complete with visits from the cops. Now, it's all cleaned up to show off the great mid-century design, complete with a pool with big beach balls floating in it, and a movie screen outside - playing original episodes of Get Smart! Loved that show! Right now they're also showing movies every Weds. night! We're probably going to go see Dr. No in March. The wine list is extensive (had a delicious Argentinian Malbec) and the food was great. They even had an organic vegetable plate on the menu. Cool, huh? James and I are sure to go back hopefully with some friends in tow! And check out the cool, free link which is on their web site to Groove 24/7 which plays tunes like those played at the Pearl. Fun . . .


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