Thursday, January 14, 2010

Helping Haiti

It's been so very sad watching the events happening in Haiti. On Larry King Live last night, Ben Stiller mentioned an easy way to donate. You just text the word HAITI to this number: 90999, and your phone bill will get $10 added to it. A small contribution for a worthy cause. The funds go to the Red Cross. You get a confirmation back on your phone which you reply YES to, then it is approved. You can also stop the "updates" by texting back the word STOP. They've already raised close to $2 million, which hopefully can be put to good use, and quickly.

This beautiful, colorful painting is by a Haitian artist:
La Sirene
Gerard Valcin (Haiti, 1923-1988)
Oil on canvas (20 x 24), c. 1985

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