Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Colorful Dinner & Potting Table Joy

Every few weeks we order these “farm boxes” (that’s really the name) from this neat couple who runs the business. They own the farm and grow everything, then they harvest it, wash it, package it real pretty, and sell the boxes! Basically, you get an email outlining all the wonderful contents of that week’s farm box and then you email back and say, “yup, we’re in” and they make you up a box. This week’s haul was pretty scrumptious. Tonight’s colorful dinner is mostly from said box. Yum. All so delicious. Though it’s hard to tell, the top right side is the salad, and the bottom left is the entrĂ©e.
I have Yard News: I have a new potting station!!!! After a pretty disappointing experience with a for-sale-but-not-really-for-sale potting table that I bought, brought home, fell in love with, and then had to give back to its original owner, my darling husband went and secretly bought me a new table. He could tell how disappointed I was. And then he created a little corner for me to put the table. It’s actually not finished, but here’s the progress to date…
This area had a huge shrub, and three agave plants all scrunched together. Here is the clean palette, post-dig-out of the plants.
Here’s hubs, contemplating the master plan for laying out the pavers…
Below is the table, in place. I’ll take some pictures of how it looks now with the vintage trug and basket, tools galore, strawberry plant (from which I at a strawberry today!), watering can, etc… I actually love having my lovely new table. It inspires me to get out there and keep all the potted things growing. I got a new hose, too, so I go out most days on my lunch hour and putter for 15 minutes or so. Such a nice break from the work day. I truly lead a charmed life, for which I am very grateful.
Looking forward to the weekend. We’re going to our niece’s wedding, and it’s also my dearest’s birthday! Hope all you blog lovelies are awesome! Love you, each and every one.
Red heart, Robin
P.S. This just in: Kate got a mouse today, but we found her and Mr. Mouse just in time for us to collect Kate, and then look at Mousey long enough for him to look up at us, blink his eyes a few times, and then scurry off into the lavender. We like to think of Kate as more of a wildlife enthusiast and a bird watcher. Cat face<—Good kitty.


  1. Love the table...too bad you had to give the other back but what a great guy you married to build you such an awesome new space!!!
    Gotta love those handy men...I have one of my own and he's a treasure.
    Have a great weekend - my little kitty?
    She likes to think of herself as a lizard enthusiast. Please post a picture when you've got the gardening gloves on and potting!!

  2. Cute and yum! That food looks so fab...

  3. That dinner looks so healthy and delicious!!


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