End of Weekend Catch Up

Fall is upon us, and I’ve been away for what seems like a full season. Work has me at the computer a whole lot, with little time to blog. Fortunately, I keep snapping pics, waiting for a night like this to catch y’all up!!!
Figs. That’s a good place to start. Our fig tree, the one that was basically a little stick with a few green leaves on it for the first year, has gone wild! I’m so glad it rallied. And these delicious beauties were the recent harvest. They were so crazily good. Picked them on a cool morning. So good.
Strawberries! Also home grown. I have four pots on the potting table and they just keep putting out the berries. Fun to take a break from the computer during the day and walk outside and nab one. A sweet distraction from writing about technology!
Peaches. And, how gorgeous are these? Not home grown, however. But delish nonetheless… A Whole Foods bounty. They smelled divine.
The “L” train in Chicago. I was there recently for work. What a great city. Gorgeous architecture everywhere.
This is the Tiffany Dome – it’s in the Chicago Cultural Center. Such a beautiful building.
My sis-in-law and niece met me in Chicago for some family fun. It was so great to spend time together. We had dinner one night at The Girl and the Goat. The chef was a Top Chef winner. It was quite the carnivore’s haven, but really, really good.
My favorite San Fran eating spot. I was there last week. A salad from Il Cane Rosso. Everything they make is so fresh – like they pulled it out of the ground 2 minutes before you get there.
Hope this finds everyone well! I’ll stop by and say hi soon!
Red heart, Robin


  1. How lucky you are to have a fig tree! Sounds like you have made good use of your time this summer!

  2. Lovely photos...glad to see you back in the blogosphere, girlie! And now that I know your fig tree is happening, don't be surprised to see me skulking about...I adore fresh figs! (Dried ones, too!)


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