Friday, January 27, 2012

Day Trip

A couple weekends ago, hubs and I ventured up to the City of Angels. I had a gift certificate to All Saints, that cool store I posted about here a while back. Since I don’t know L.A. very well, I always end up on Robertson. It has a little string of shops, including Kitson, and The Ivy restaurant (a personal all-time favorite and in fact my blog banner is the mantel that is over the fireplace in the restaurant).
We had salads and relished the lovely interior. This place makes me so incredibly happy. I just sit there smiling.
I love the hand painted dishes, and their incredible salads. Fresh everything, and served with warm bread and salted butter. So yummy.
Below is a mantel in one of the other rooms. It’s oh-so-French.  Every table has these gorgeous little teapot vases with garden roses and sweet peas. Beautiful.
Then, we took a walk and saw this secret walkway – which lead to a very expensive shop. I did not venture in.
One of my favorite designers…MARNI…though I own nary a piece. Their store window:
Over a fence, I saw this awesome building. Don’t you love the windows?
A fun day. Next time, I’ll get a city guide and chart a new course.

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  1. So fun, love that part of town. That building used to be either an art gallery or antiques shop, I think...


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