Living in a Nutshell, book signing & crafting

Last night, my belle mere and I went to a book signing at Warwick’s in La Jolla. The book: Living in a Nutshell: Posh and Portable Decorating Ideas for Living in Small Spaces. The author: the smart, fun Janet Lee. But, this was no ordinary book signing. We not only heard the author’s story, but crafted these really cute tassels using a wine cork, velvet ribbon, and pretty paper. And, yes, that is a bottle of champagne and a cupcake. Now, this, my friends, is the way to host a book signing. The cupcakes were delicious; made by the author’s sister. Her parents were there also; an adorable couple. Her dad invented microsurgery.
More pics from the event:
Mary’s hands, putting on the finishing touches.
This yummy champagne is called Courtage. Made in France by a group of Americans with a passion for bubbly. Quite delicious and light. The bottles are tiny. Just enough.
Finished tassels.


  1. Looks fun! Champagne and cupcakes--I approve!

  2. Hi, Robin,
    I have been visiting around the "Blogger" neighborhood this week, and I discovered your site. Just thought I'd stop and say "Hello."

    I am a writer, a teacher, and a Christian minister, and I found this particular post delightful. For one thing, my mother was so talented in crafts, and she made so many wonderful gifts for people. She would have loved something like this event.

    Also, I can bear witness to the effectiveness of offering food and fun at a booksigning. I remember one that I did for an inspirational romance novel I had written. We held the booksigning on Valentine's Day, and I offered a nice supply of chocolates and Valentine cookies. They were very popular.

    I have been blogging for a couple of years at "WordPress," but I'm new to "Blogger" (Just created a poetry blog and an author's blog over here this week). So I'm wanting to get acquainted with other people in the "Blogger" family.

    Your site is lovely, and I will visit again.

    1. Hi Sandra, thanks so much for your reply. I'm just now, 5 years later, getting back into blogging and finding little gems of comments. Thanks for visiting, and hopefully I'll have new content soon for your to enjoy. I've added a sign up feature, too, so you can be alerted when I do a new post. Thanks again...


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