Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Things going on

A few happenings of late...
1. Made slipcovers with hubby, for outdoor furniture. Made them out of $10 drop cloths! Not that hard.
2. Friend Mitch introduced me to a cookie place called the Cravory. Wow. All soft type cookies, but amazing flavors!
3. A beautiful Indian vintage fabric at the Faded Awning in La Jolla. I didn't get it, but it's haunting me.
4. Thistle, on the table last night at dinner at the Masonic Lodge with my in-laws. When I commented on how cool they were, the woman who made the dinner said I could take a bunch home! :) So I did!
5. In general: Apologies for the awful photography! I'm usually not this consistently bad.

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  1. Those cookies are absolutely delectable! The chair cushions look perfect and cozy. PSOB!


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