Saturday, May 20, 2006

Sunday in East Village

James and I went to the East Village for a little breakfast. The Mission, a great restaurant in Mission Beach and Normal Heights, opened a new "branch." The buildings in this area are a mix of new, modern; old warehouses converted into lofts/living spaces; and high-rise condos. Some of the older ones are quite industrial. The building pictured here - called "Art & Industry" - had an exterior wall of vintage signs. And of course the bougainvilla was beautiful. The little sparrow was perched on a piece of metal holding a bug for everyone to see. He was very proud of it. He held a couple positions as if to say, "here, take it now, this is my best side. No, wait, let me turn a little to the left." I think these two pictures are a testament to the fact that I need a digital camera with more than 2.0 megapixels.

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  1. Surprise!! I found your blog!!

    Hi Robin! I am loving your posts and lovely pics!!

    Your #1 fan,


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