Update: the Yard Project

The front yard is alive with purple. The lavender is growing nicely, next to the Cleveland sage and Mexican marigold (a little yellow for good measure). There had been a curse, which has since lifted, against me growing Cleveland sage. But now it's blooming and really pretty. We also have jasmine growing up the wall. Very fragrant as you walk to the front door. Spring's cold air has made things bloom but it's warming up! Is summer officially here? We're also in the process of a backyard renovation. Pictures to follow. That will make living outside a regular thing. Can't wait to have a backyard that doesn't look like it's been invaded by huge gophers. Gabriel, the fellow working on the yard, said he felt like a gopher - he's been doing all the digging of trenches by hand. Hard work. But it will all be great when it's finished.

Here's a picture of James (back to the camera) talking to Gabriel about the retaining wall progress. Saylor is overseeing the whole discussion to make sure they're on the right track.
After a day of mostly housework, I went down to the cliffs with my friend John to check out the gorgeous view. The sun was streaming through the clouds as if an angel was going to step right out and say, "hey!" We also saw this great cat. He's kind of the opposite of Oreo; more white on his body than black. But their faces are similar.


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