Mr. McFluffersons Goes from Bath to Bed

And why was this Saturday so exciting for Oreo (and me?)? Well, could it be that the Hairy Tales truck pulled up in front of our house, and after grooming the neighbors two dogs, Bailey and Cooper, then our dog, Saylor, that my boy here was summoned for his hour of beauty? Earlier in the week, it crossed my mind that Oreo may have had a potential agenda conflict until I realized his anaesthesia-free teeth cleaning is actually not until this Saturday. Whew! Can you imagine that phone call? Um, Pucho? Yes, well, Oreo somehow double-booked his spa services today--can we reschedule? Yes, the owner of Hairy Tales is none other than a fellow named Pucho! A very nice person, too. I insisted on accompanying my boy through his beauty bath, since he is 17 and let's face it - a TO-TAL momma's boy (and that's the way I like it!). If only I'd had the camera in there with me. Right after the hair drying was finished he was fluffed up bigger than a puffer fish. He had been brushed and blown into such a round ball of furriness that I was pretty much squealing (poor Pucho!), "Gee! I think I need to enter him in a cat show!!!" So sad, the delights of older women w/o kids when their kitty cat does something amazing. But, c'mon! It was so darn cute!! The following pictures I just took tonight, 2 days post-bath. He's still looking quite handsome if I may say so.


  1. Oooo! Mr. McFluffersons, do you have your own blog or MySpace page? I have a thing for older, furry men. You handsome devil!

  2. Cheek:
    Mr. Mc "F" wants me to tell you he would be happy to entertain you in his leoooww-nge of Love.

    The People for Mr. McFlufferson

    PS – He's also running for President of the United States, however he denies paternity of Anna Nicole's baby.


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