Kittens Galore: Lucy, Willie, and Kate?

If this isn't proof that you never know what a Sunday might hold, then I don't know what is. This Sunday brought 3 new kittens!!! (with THREE exclamation points to indicate excitement, or a wee bit of hysteria?) Here's what happened: James and I are driving up Grape St. en route to breakfast, when he says, "I just saw a tiny Siamese kitten run up the sidewalk!" Before I know it the Jetta is pulled over, illegally of course, and James is out of the car in pursuit of a furry face. This might have been a good place to stop, but time kind of sped up here. You'll see. Next, I'm at the convenient store buying a can of food. We figure out that the storm drain comes up on the other side of the street and walk over to investigate. Up pops Mr. Meezer. And, oh, look, he's not alone!
He has two friends with him: a tuxedo and a tabby. So, home we go to build our makeshift trap--a laundry basket and a canvas (for painting), and what else but duct tape. As we went through the motions, I babbled on about how we can domesticate them, then find them homes. And that is still pretty much the plan. But, this little domestication process is not for the faint of heart! Anyway, long story short, we caught Lucy (the tuxedo) first, after a few attempts. Then I went back on Tuesday with my friend Sherri and got the other two! Sherri was truly the good luck charm. She also took some adorable pictures of them in their terrible home environment: in the storm drain, next to the train tracks among dirty clothes, broken glass, and other really gross things. We're calling the Siamese, Willie, the tabby, Kate, and the tuxedo, Lucy.

The beginning reads like the typical feral cat story in terms of location and situation, but the good news is that these littles ones have been saved and are doing very well now! They each have a warm place to sleep (a bunny hutch and two dog crates--one from Goodwill and the other from Tonya via our good friend Steve) with clean bedding that is changed almost daily - or whenever they tip over their water! Each has food, water, and a litter box (which they use! Amen!)

Tonight I sautee'd a chicken breast in butter to dole out and in the process just about lost a finger. The tabby was gobbling it up so fast! I am also giving them homeopathic anti-anxiety drops in their water. And I burn lavender essential oil in the garage to up the calm factor. We take it one day at a time, and are hopeful that it will all work out as planned. They were also just given their first toys and they play with them!!! It's very cute.

Meanwhile, their uncle up in heaven, Oreo, is looking down to make sure the shenanigans don't get too over the top (with his big Maine Coon paw ready to keep them in line!). Thanks in advance dear boy for any assistance you can send our way. We have a feeling you're watching all this and helping us along and in return we send more and more love back to you.


  1. Wasabi, Mochi, and Edamame look swell! Kudos to the Jamester for his peepers to catch the Siamese darting. Methinks Uncle Oreo indeed sent them your way.


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