Sunday, November 04, 2007

Ringing in Fall with a Party

Back on the 20th of October, hubby James and I had a really nice Fall party. Oh, and from here on, husby will be referred to as James, not J. He thinks the anonymity factor of blogging is odd. I can take a hint.

Anyway, I meant to post something right after the shindig, but got busy and didn't. In preparation, we worked like dogs all week to get everything just right. I joked that James was gong to re-paint the house or something in one day. He worked like a maniac.
This picture was taken right after the goodies were set up, and before guests arrived. Mom-in-law Mary provided the centerpiece complete with the cutest black cats and pumpkins and wheat stalks in a green-leaf-laden vase. I saw it at her house the day before and said, "how cute is this?? This would sure look nice for the party!" And she packed it up and sent it over. How sweet was that?

I love the candlesticks, they're old and a tad tarnished, kind of Gothic looking. We actually catered some of the food: walnut and blue cheese stuffed mushrooms, a veggie basket, and a tray of petit fours which I forgot to photograph, darn it! They were so pretty. There were tiny fruit tarts, chocolate mousse cups, tiny ├ęclairs (to die for) and profiteroles. I also baked little cupcakes and picked up a selection of cheeses from our local cheese shop called Venissimo. The best part of the party? I was prepared. I started early enough which eliminated that made dash to the shower and stress-induced panic that can send you reeling when you want everything just so and you waited until the last minute to get going! Now that we've cut our teeth so to speak, we're ready to do it again! I'm looking forward to having a Christmas party. Hopefully Tallulah's Mom and Dad will be able to make it.

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  1. We're sorry we missed it, though the flu germs were best left by my bed in the snotty kleenex bag, not at your elegant fete (not feet, fete!Needs that little mark over the first e). We'd love to come to your Noel soiree--be sure to make it early, 'cause we're expected at the family homestead in Phoenix for Christmas. Bring some of those stuffed mushrooms over right now, please.


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