Saturday, March 08, 2008

Saving a Life

Anyone who knows me knows I love animals so much. I love them all: from rats to rabbits to cats to dogs and horses, possums, cows, birds, even snakes. I recently pounced upon this Etsy shop - Karen Foster Art - that creates cards benefitting the Columbus-Lowndes Humane Society and AWBAR - Abandoned Wild Babies Animal Rescue. Her Etsy shop can be found here. I loved the quote on this card she designed (which I just bought!). In the spirit of something my friend Lori's Dad told her, "Honey, you can't suckle the whole world," this quote is a good reality check. We can't save everyone and everything, but saving one makes a huge difference to that ONE. Miss Kate is a rescue, as is the often-photographed Miss Tallulah Mae. We do what we can.

It also cannot be ignored that my earlier-mentioned friend Lori shares her heart and home with I believe she is up to SEVEN, count'em, SEVEN cats and dogs -- all rescues. Love that woman!

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