Yoga . . . All Week

I am giving myself a little test. I plan to take 5 yoga classes this week (as in 7 days). I may skip Wednesday since I'll do my hour-long walk with my good bud (sounds like something you buy in Ocean Beach) and walking companion, Sherri. I just found this new yoga studio called Ginseng and it is wonderful. Everyone practices in a huge yellow room. Most classes are an hour and 15 minutes. We'll see how I do. I have big expectations. Whenever I do yoga, as I leave the class, I am always thinking why don't I do this every day? It feels so great to stretch out all the cobwebs that make me tired and weak feeling. So, here goes. My personal challenge commences today at 5:00 with a class called Flow Yoga. I' m hoping to get in some back-bends like this here kitteh:


  1. Love, love, love the b/w kitty doing yoga...which pose is that anyway?


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