The Cure for Cold Writer's Hands

Don't I look cozy? All bundled in my mittens? I clearly have a sweater theme going - see my last post. My friend, Miss S., over at yonder Foziewisp blog, knitted me these darling mittens for Christmas! And of course, she also knitted a mug cozy to go along. Now, Mr. Mug and I are warm and toasty as we weather the cold in ye olde office. Why is this room so darn cold? I realize it gets no sun; all the sun is in the dining room!

I so don't want to work today. I want to pile onto the couch with tea and a blanket and watch Pt. 2 of Masterpiece Theatre's Wuthering Heights! But instead I am revising a document that has been edited by a lawyer! Blerg.


  1. Yay, I'm so glad you're using them! I've had my mitts on all day today in my cold cold abode.


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