The Editing Team at EMG

So, over here at Essential Marketing Group, we work as a close team -- me and Bernice the bunny and Sebastian the squirrel -- to make sure our sentences are concise and descriptive. Without these guys, I'd be sunk. It's amazing how Sebastian never gets tired! Just look at those eyes, all wide with energy! I think it's the quiet strength of Bernice that keeps him so grounded, lest he should fly across the room! I bet when I leave to put the tea pot on these two step off the window sill and move stuff on my desk. I just know it... Yes, I'm on shaky ground, folks. The office walls are closing in. The paper I'm editing was reviewed and edited by a lawyer who probably wore out the Comment feature on his Word Track Changes. But, hey, in this economy, I'm ecstatic to have this work. So, forward I go, happily and gratefully.


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