Beds and Breakfast

Sunday was filled with yard work. James cleared out the beds in the front of the house - removed the weed liner, which I hated - and now it's just nice black dirt and plants and a few large rocks and that's it! The weed liner was slowly inching its way up above the soil in places and just looked ugly. No more! It's all gone. While J. cleared beds, I made some breakfast: toasts with cream cheese, smoked salmon, red onion, and capers. And an omelet with tomatoes, mozzarella, and red onion. And a big honkin' hash brown in the center, in case the plate wasn't full enough!? For dessert we had breath mints! Ha! It was all very onion-y.

Katie cat actually joined in to sample a little bit of salmon. She loved it! Such a gourmand, this little kitty. Have I mentioned she eats raw spinach leaves? It's very cute.


  1. OMG, give me that hash brown RIGHT NOW!!!! I must have eet!

  2. Robin I love that title, it sure is cute and gee your hubby has nice legs!!

    I must say that breakfast is a work of art, I'm coming over, he he!!

    P.S. Oreo is especially cute today, and very active.


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