Valentine's Day Goodies

A few pictures from Valentine's Day starting with red, fragrant roses from hubby.

After we exchanged cards at home, we dashed to Neiman Marcus for lunch. I have a crazy love for department store cafes, so this was my heart's desire versus dinner out among the maddening crowds.

I had the Mandarin Orange Souffle. And of course, they bring a popover fresh from the oven a millisecond after you sit down - with strawberry butter of course. I decided not to drive James batty with copious pictures of my food, so there is no strawberry butter shot. I meticulously detailed the popovers here at a former lunch at NM with my friend Michele.

James had a grilled scallop salad.

We opted for a 'sweet trio' for dessert, which happened to contain more than a trio, I dare say. Behind the heart cookie were two chocolate dipped strawberries. There was a famous NM choco-chip cookie, a sugar cookie, the two cupcakes, and a center dollop of whipped cream with blackberries. Yum! We were carried out in two red wheelbarrows.


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