Could You Nap Here?

I could. Is this bed lovely or what? I love the pillow and the light sheet. The amazing curved wood canopy - wow! I might have to drape something over that! And I also love the distressed, plastered walls. So pretty.

So, sweet blogger friends, I know I've been absent of late. But, it's for a good reason. A while back I posted a shameless "ad" for work, to fill my work-lacking days with a freelance project or two. Well, my days are now very full! I am working with two other folks in a joint venture of sorts, to do marketing consulting for green technology companies. We have our first client, and boy do they have us busy!

But, as I was searching for an older issue of Martha Stewart Living, I came across this picture and had to post it and say "hello." So, hello all! I hope you are doing great and surviving this hot, hot summer. We are turning the corner here in San Diego. It was supposed to be 100 today, but it was nowhere near that. Our weather folks must have had their weather balloons caught in a tree somewhere. :o)

Oh, and if you want to see some amazing photographs, check out this site.

P.S. The source for this photo is this link, though I could not get to the actual site to say exactly who did it or where it is truly from. This is my attempt at a citation. :\


  1. I agree, that bead is fab!! The plastered walls are really cool and it looks like a great spot for a siesta.

  2. Can you send me that bed? It's fabulous!

  3. oh yes! i could sleep in that bed and yes, i'd drape something over it too...something gauzy and colorful! lovely!

  4. I could sleep for DAYS in that bed in that room! My husband will be thanking you for my "new bed" obsession soon :)


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