Thursday, October 08, 2009

Beautiful Sky, Kate, and a Bunny

Last week, in the middle of the day, it rained for about 5 minutes. A Florida girl at heart, I miss the rain living here in dry California. I ran outside, threw open my arms and absorbed the few droplets. I then noticed that my neighbors across the street who are sort of above us hill-wise were looking down at me! We all laughed and yelled, "It's raining!" I saw another neighbor outside, too. We get pretty excited here for rain! I snapped this pic of the sky. It was spectacular.

In other news, Miss Kate has been loving her new perch, which is right next to my desk. She inherited it from her cousin, Bogie, who bequeathed it to her in his kitty will.

She's my office assistant. And as you can see, I am always having to get her back on track with those overdue reports. She'd rather make that k-k-k-k-k-i-k-k-k-kik sound at birds and take naps. So cute.

And, then, this bunny! Just in this person's front yard, happily hanging out. I can only hope and imagine that it is their bun. I thought about going up to the door, but we were riding bikes and just kept going. This portly bun looks very well fed, don't you think? So I just got the feeling all was well. How cute is she/he? I think, very...


  1. It's got to be someones bunny, looking like that!

  2. So beautiful...I missed that sky; probably staring at the computer screen. And Katie Kitten!!!!!!!

  3. two things that make me smile:
    deep blue sky with cloud art and watching cats/kittens. like your post! it made me smile...

  4. What an adorable perch for Miss Kate, and I love those sweet brackets. What a lucky girl she is!!


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